Kaori ch 8 p 12

Kaori, chapter 8.

Kaori Yumeno is a main female character in the Uwakoi manga. she first appears in chapter 8.


She is always optimistic and tries to be friendly, but with a twisted sense of humour and pleasure. She does not want to have a single boyfriend, but whenever possible, would rather engage with and have sex with any boy (outside her family) with at least one girlfriend, especially Yukiteru, and she quickly comes to like him. She likes to use analogies to present her thoughts; this was first seen with her early involvements with Yukiteru. She is keen to use blackmail to her advantage.

Even though Rena dislikes her, she considers herself a friend of Rena, and even helps her set up situations for Rena to have sex with Yukiteru in private. She and Yuno appear to have befriended each other.

In chapter 24 it is revealed she was the original member of the SF club.

Kaori and boyfriend ch 25

Kaori and her boyfriend, chapter 25.

Kaori once had a boyfriend, who only appears in chapter 25. He has a similar appearance to Aruto Usui, but is a different person. He is upright and focused on Kaori, until the later betrays him by joining the SF club. He breaks from her, and from then on Kaori has sex with any boy outside family she pleases.


She is short, with long light-brown hair tied back in two long pig tails. She is almost never seen without a lolly pop in her fingers or mouth.

Hobbies and interestsEdit

Unknown, but she presumably practices one or more martial arts, since she readily incapacitated a psychotic Yuno who had a knife.


She has a younger brother Kaoru. Nothing is known about her parents.

Her relatives have a house somewhere, which is allowed to be used as Kaori and Kaoru please, most often as private place for others to stay, and have sex.

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