Killer ch 35

Killer, chapter 35.

Currently it is unclear who exactly the killer in chapter 35 is. Nevertheless he is an influential character in the final chapters of the story.

Personality Edit

Obviously a cold-blooded psychopathic, since he kills without hesitation and moral.

Family, friends, affiliations Edit

at the end of the story it's revealed that he's killed five male victim's who were all members of the SF research club including Shion Nabatame,Yukiteru and Aruto Usui due that he went berserk after seeing the leaked foot of the club's sex activity's that Miyuki was a part of.

He was the ex boyfriend Miyuki, since after his first appearance, Miyuki is shown beaten in her room at her home, and after his arrest for killing Yukiteru, another reference to Miyuki is shown that she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage.


Always shown wearing a hat, baggy coat or hoodie, and baggy trousers. Unlike almost all of the characters in the series who are slim, he is big-boned and more filled out.

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