Here is a list of the characters in the Uwakoi manga, grouped categorically and in approximate order of appearance in the series.

Main charactersEdit

  1. Yukiteru Tamaki
  2. Yuno Kirishima
  3. Rena Saotome

Other charactersEdit

Kirishima familyEdit

  1. Yomi Kirishima
  2. Nagi Kirishima
  3. Tarutaru

Yumeno familyEdit

  1. Kaori Yumeno
  2. Kaoru Yumeno

Characters in flashbacksEdit

  1. Etou
  2. Rabi
  3. Rena's father
  4. Alice's father

SF club Edit

  1. Alice Asagiri
  2. Reona Haume
  3. Aruto Usui
  4. Shion Nabatame
  5. Seles Miyuki
  6. Ayame Meiku

Others Edit

  1. Unknown man
  2. Killer
  3. Victim

See alsoEdit

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