Nagi ch 2 p 11

Nagi, chapter 2, p. 11

Nagi Kirishima (first name second name),in Japanese 桐嶋ナギ (Kirishima Nagi), is a character in the Uwakoi manga. She first appears in chapter 4.


She is a very young child at nursury. She doesn't like Yukiteru since he moved in, and dislikes it when Yuno strips for Yukiteru's affection. That aside, she seems like a typical child of her age. She does seem to like Rena, as shown when Rena visits the Kirishima's house for her first time after school, and even asked Rena to pat her.


As she is a very young child, she is small, short, and chubby. She is seen wearing an overall baby suit.

Hobbies and interestsEdit

Currently unknown.


She has two older sisters Yomi and Yuno.