Rabi ch 21

Rabi, chapter 21 (in a flashback 5 years before the main story).

Rabi, also called Rabinowitz, is a deceased male character in the Uwakoi manga. He first appears in chapter 21.

Personality Edit

He is shy, polite, and well-meaning, especially to Alice for her hospitality. When in trouble his reaction is to blame himself.

Hobbies and interests Edit

None are known.

Appearance Edit

Short and very thin. Scruffy light-colored hair, dark-colored skin. Wears traditional western "butler's" clothing, although when he abandoned himself he only wraps a blanket around him.

Family Edit

No members are known, though presumably he has none since he lived with Alice for a time.

Death Edit

After Alice's father scolded him for his relation with Alice, he abandoned himself in an alley on the streets, and died from cold and hunger.

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