The SF club is a school club, deliberately abbreviated "SF", but actually it means "sex-freinds". It's a place where people can have sex with anyone just for pleasure.


The rules are

  • keep the club activities secret, unless informing someone trusted to join,
  • anyone left over (not having sex) films everyone else having sex, the footage is only freely viewable to everyone in the club, no-one else.


The known members are

  1. Alice Asagiri ("president")
  2. Kaori Yumeno
  3. Yukiteru Tamaki (absorbed in by his own weakness)
  4. Reona Haume
  5. Aruto Usui
  6. Shion Nabatame
  7. Seles Miyuki
  8. Ayame Meiku

although other unnamed characters are shown to have come and gone.

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