Miyuki Seles ch 23

Miyuki Seles, chapter 23

Miyuki Seles is a female character in the Uwakoi manga. Uninvolved for most of the first half of the story, she becomes more influential later. She first appears in chapter 23.

Personality Edit

Often uses analogies to present her thoughts, especially so when she has sex.

Hobbies and interests Edit

None are known, though she presumably she likes reading as she often has a book in hand, and many shelved in her room. The books are likely most often romance novels.

Appearance Edit

Average-height, slim. Long blue-violet hair, tied in two plats. Wears large round glasses and traditional western-looking clothes.

Family Edit

No members are known. She became pregnant with Yukiteru's baby. This was heavily hinted when Alice and Seles bumped into Yukiteru and Rena at the shire during the New Year's Eve holiday. After the SF club is disbanded, she revealed to Alice by placing a hand on her abdomen and told her, "I have what I wanted." Tragically, she miscarried the child after one of her ex-boyfriend saw the video scandal Alice posted prior to her death; while it wasn't shown in the series, it is heavily hinted that her ex-boyfriend beat Seles very badly as she was crying in her room and have several visible bruises.

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