Nabatame Shion ch 23

Nabatame Shion, chapter 23

Nabatame Shion is a male character in the Uwakoi manga. He first appears in chapter 23.

Personality Edit

Given Shion's very young age and corresponding "cute" and/or "innocent" appearance, he is unusually erotic, uses very abusive language (e.g. "bitch pigs"), and is generally arrogant and emotionally charged. He seems to dislike Usui Aruto, and calls him "leaky" due to Aruto's premature ejaculation. Shion is so erotic and arrogant that he offers fellatio to Aruto, much to the latter's distaste since Aruto naturally prefers girls.

Hobbies and interests Edit

None are known.

Appearance Edit

Since he is a young child, he is short and slim. Long brown-gold hair of shoulder-length falling neatly down. He has an androgynous appearance. He wears clothes which are a bit too large for him, as his hands are usually under his draping sleeves.

Family Edit

No members are known.

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