Uwakoi (also called うわこい; 浮恋; Uwa Koi; Uwa-koi) is a Japanese manga by Itosugi Masahiro.

Genres and discretionEdit

The genres of the manga include: adult, drama, ecchi, mature, romance, school life, seinen, yandere. It involves nudity and intercourse scenes. The vagina of a female, or penis and testicles of a male, are either hidden from view or simply not explicitly drawn. Some scenes are unsuitable for young children. The manga displays much fornication mostly of teenagers, but to a lesser extent young-to-middle aged adults as well. There is no incest (unlike Aki Sora).

Condensed overviewEdit

Uwakoi a twisted story of a teenage boy named Yukiteru, who initially becomes caught in a stressful "love triangle" with two other girls of his age - named Yuno and Rena.

Yukiteru lived with Yuno since childhood after a certain incident, since the latter was unusually attached to Yukiteru. However, Yuno is not entirely psychologically normal and Yukiteru finds her "scary", and aside from the occasional kiss and cuddle, they never once make love with each other. By contrast, he becomes very attracted to Rena quickly after she transfers to their high school when they are teenagers, to the point of Yukiteru cheating with Rena on Yuno. For a while, Yuno does not know about the cheating, but when she does, her unstable psychopathic behavior is revealed, and gets her own revenge. Ultimately, Yukiteru ends his relation with Yuno and lives with Rena.

On top of this, Yukiteru finds himself involved with an increasing number of girls near his age, which interferes with his relations with Yuno and Rena. His weak personality and regretful sexual impulses are unable to stop himself giving in to sex with other girls. He faces a perpetual self-conflict between making happy someone he knows very well from an early age (namely Yuno), as well as others he knows less. His involvement with a certain girl, other than Rena and Yuno, leads to his death. Rena and Yuno become single mothers at the end...

The initial setting of the story is an accident. Beyond that, the story is character-driven primarily by lack of judgement and erotic impulses for the desire to have sex. One underlying theme is about happiness in a relationship. Another theme (which is common in Masahiro's work) is that love is strong but delicate, and anything can cause the relation to be break.


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The series started in 2011, and finished in 2014. There are 36 chapters in 6 volumes.

No anime has been made yet.

A film adaption has been made.


Here are the main details in chronological order, rather than chapter order.


When Yukiteru was a very small child, he was alone in the loft with a candle, and it fell over. The house burned down, but no one was killed. At the time, Yukiteru thought the burning was "pretty". While their home was rebuilt, Yuno's parents allowed Yukiteru's family to stay at their home until the reconstruction was complete. When it was, Yuno didn't want Yukiteru to leave. Their parents mutually agreed that Yukiteru could live with Yuno at her house. Thus they grew up together and attended the same school, and form a very close relationship.

While Yukiteru and Yuno were children, there was a popular girl called Etou at their school, who had a crush on Yukiteru. Yuno became irritated whenever Yukiteru talked with Etou. On an autumn day at school while they are outside raking leaves, she demands Yukiteru to split from Yuno and be with her. Yukiteru is overwhelmed and torn in two, since he doesn't want to split from Yuno nor upset Etou. Yuno catches Etou out from behind, and the two stare each other down in anger and frustration, eventually Etou walks off past Yuno. A week later, Etou transferred to another school, and is not seen until much later.

Later, when Yukiteru and Yuno are older teenagers at high school, a new female schoolmate Rena transfers to their school. Rena at first displays a lack of interest in her new peers, and initially Yuno vehemently dislikes her. But two months after that time, Yuno tries again, inviting Rena to lunch during a break at school, and they sit with Yukiteru on a roof. Yukiteru thinks Yuno is scary, and becomes very attracted to Rena. Later that night, when Yukiteru and Rena are at their respective homes, they can't resist themselves from visualizing one another while masturbating. The next day after school they are the only ones in the classroom, and they become further attracted to each other after realizing the events of the previous night, through kissing and cuddling. Even though Rena becomes very turned on, she stops and warns Yukiteru not to go any further, since this would damage his already close relation with Yuno. Despite knowing this, Yukiteru is so seduced by Rena that they have sex together for their first time - under a train bridge near the school. Yukiteru takes it on himself to tell Yuno about what they did.

Yuno picks up on Yukiteru having Rena's scent on him. Yukiteru states he loves her and no one else. Later she sneaks into his bed to caress him, complete with soft humming sounds. Yukiteru notices and tells Yuno to get away or an angry Nagi will be crazy, and indeed Nagi comes in to beat Yukiteru in the face for being so close to Yuno.

Next day, Yuno and Yukiteru go out to some town or city for a day out together, and Yukiteru can never bring himself to tell Yuno. Back at school, Rena mocks him for not telling since he likes Yuno, and tells him she will play along with Yukiteru's "fireplay" (unstable affection for herself and Rena). Later, they have sex in one of the school's changing rooms.

Yukiteru arrives at Yuno's home after school, lamenting his freeloading there since the fire at his own home. He trips over the cat tarutaru down the stairs, and finds Yuno with only a bath towel around her since she just washed. She throws off the towel to seduce Yukiteuru with her nude body. Nagi attacks Yukiteru, expressing her dismay for his freeloading. Yomi picks Nagi up and tells her not to interfere. Yukiteru goes in to the bathtub, and sits there naked lost in rethinking about his cheating. Since he was in there for so long, Yuno suddenly steps in naked worried about him. After she steps out, she says that one day she will "ambush" (have sex) with him.

Theme parkEdit

One day, Yuno and Yukiteru both go to a theme park for a day out. Rena happens to appear there, stressing out Yukiteru. Rena hints at the pleasure that couples and families must have when having fun together. Yuno offers the possibility the three could spend the day together as friends, but Rena states she'd rather let Yuno and Yukiteru have their quality time. Because Yuno feels sorry for Rena's solitude, she "lends" Yukiteru to Rena so they can have their quality time, and offers to stay in the background and take pictures. Yuno becomes increasingly frustrated of the fun Rena is having with Yukiteru, and after some time reaches her limit.

At this point Rena decides she's had enough fun and calls it quits, but they arrive at the park's "haunted house", and Yuno dares them all to go in. Rena is actually scared of the haunted house, even though she knows it is all fake, and is taunted by Yuno to enter it instead of walking off. Only two at a time are allowed, so Yuno ferociously demands a game of rock-paper-scissors with Rena to decide who goes in with Yukiteru - Rena wins. Yukiteru is more scared of Yuno's feelings then of the house (in the manga, an "aura" is shown behind Yukiteru symbolizing negativity in the region). When Rena grips Yukiteru in fear, he playfully giggles at her since she always appears to be fearless. Despite trying to convince herself and Yukiteru she is not scared, a model of an ancient, mutilated, and decayed Samuari, abruptly leaps out and freaks the life out of Rena. Traumatized, she desires to go home. Yukiteru feels for Rena, and offers to carry her out on his back. Outside, Yuno chuckles at Rena's fearful experience.

Yukiteru offers to go and buy the girls drinks. Rena admires Yukiteru's kind personality, and agrees with Yuno he is kinder than anyone they've ever met. Rena now feels she is at the point to explicitly tell Yuno she loves Yukiteru, and to hand him over, but Yuno breaks down and screams telling Rena to not fall in love with him because she already loves Yukiteru. Rena is visably guilty and surprised at Yuno's reaction, and apologizes saying it was a mere joke, then takes her leave. Yukiteru returns with the drinks to find Yuno crying alone, and they go home.

Back at school during lunch break, Rena is alone, Yukiteru asks if she could join, but given the incident at the park, Yuno strictly forbids Yukiteru even getting close to Rena ever again. Yukiteru knows he should do that, but with guilt he stays behind after school to go to the girls changing room and see Rena. Rena masturbates Yukiteru causing him to ejaculate all over her, admitting herself as a menace with no intention to stop the "fireplay". Next morning, after a kissing Yuno and stating his love for her, Yukiteru tells Yuno to befriend Rena again, which she does. He privately asks himself why the "pain" of being torn in two is "delighting".

"Night job"Edit

With the warmer relation between Rena and Yuno, Rena visits Yuno's house for the first time for a sleepover. Yukiteru introduces Rena to the Kirishima family after Yomi enthusiastically welcomes them. When only Yuno's mother has not been mentioned because of her absence, Yukiteru says she has a "night-job" (night-shift), and Rena ponders the thought. They go up to Yuno's room to settle. Nagi spontaneously sits on Rena's lap, and let's Rena pat her.

Rena later helps Yomi prepare the dinner, and since Yukiteru likes Rena's appearance in an apron, he gazes dreamily at her. Yuno abruptly destroys his enchanted view by screaming in his face - that he seems to like girls who can cook. When she charges into the kitchen to help, Yomi tells her it's unnecessary since the dinner should not have blood in it, suggesting Yuno is not safe if she gets her hands on a knife, also suggested by Yukiteru's face expression in the background.

In the evening, Rena and Yuno help each other wash and bath, before they all go to bed. Rena sleeps in Yuno's room, when the latter is sound asleep Rena sneaks out. She first finds Tarutaru perched happily asleep on the banister, lamenting on the Kirishima family as complete while she has no members to live with, followed by an awake Yukiteru across the upper hall. She goes into his room, provides Yukiteru with a condom, and has penetrative sex, openly admitting she is wrecking his relation with Yuno. Next morning reveals a bleak, colorless, overcast sky - Rena privately considers it analogous to the color of her heart.


There is a point when Rena and Yukiteru are caught at school, having discreet sex standing up, by another girl called Kaori, who was hiding on a nearby roof. In class, Kaori hints at Yukiteru that she saw what they were doing, and tells him to see her after school. Rena sees this in the background, and suspects what's going to happen.

After school on their way home, Kaori uses an analogy to blackmail Yukiteru to have sex with her at her home, else she will tell Yuno about Yukiteru's cheating with Rena. Initially Yukiteru misunderstands and assumes it's simply a bribe pay Kaori money. Kaori's disappointed response is that she doesn't want money at all. When they get home, they see Kaori's younger brother Kaoru who pleasantly welcomes them in.

Yukiteru only realizes what Kaori really meant when they are in Kaori's room, after they kiss with a taste of Kaori's strawberry lolly pop. Yukiteru's weak nature becomes clearly prevalent: he reluctantly undresses so they can have sex in Kaori's bed. Yukiteru urgently did not want to, and tries talking his way out during the foreplay, but Yumeno refuses to listen. During the intercourse, Yukiteru tells them to be quiet or Kaoru will hear, but Kaori hints at how erotic her brother is - that he has sex all the time with girls outside the family, much to Yukiteru's shock. Once the intercourse is over and Yukiteru leaves, he is further blackmailed into more sex in the future, leaving Yukiteru in despair. Rena catches on this next morning, under the bridge.


The next erotic encounter between Yuno and Yukiteru, is when Yuno at first considers having sex with Yukiteru, but decides to start simple and have him watch her masturbate instead. Yukiteru is clueless: he doesn't understand why he is simultaneously relieved and regretful they are not having sex yet. When Yuno reaches climax and ejaculates in her knickers, Yukiteru also does through his trousers. On the outside, Yukiteru pretends to be happy he ejaculated at the same time as Yuno, but really he secretly did so because of his previous encounters with Rena. Yukiteru continues to be clueless, telling himself he never seems to bring himself to have sex with Yuno, yet he can do it with other girls.

Later, Kaori asks Yukiteru to come out with her to another town far from home, so any schoolmates (including and especially Rena and Yuno) will not see them. Kaori forces a kiss on Yukiteru in the middle of a crowd, to his embarrassment, and Rena just happens to be at the right place and time to notice. The three go to a cafe and talk, Kaori attempts to befriend Rena but the latter refuses. The conversation drags on, with Yukiteru temporarily excluded so Rena and Kaori can discuss something. Rena leaves, and Kaori leads Yukiteru to a hotel for more sex.

Summer incidentEdit

On a vacation in the summer, Yukiteru, Yuno, Rena, Kouri, Kouru and one of his girlfriends (here revealed to be at least six in number), all go to the beach and sunbathe or play in the sea. Rena tries to convince Yukiteru to rub sun lotion on her, but Yukiteru is worried Yuno may see them. Kaoru blocks the view by moving his deck chair in front of them. As Yukiteru begins, his usual panic attacks start when Rena makes "strange noises" resembling sex, then Kaori takes her bikini off and asks for the same, then Rena takes her bikini off, all the while worried about their nudity in front of not just Yuno but everyone.

Afterwards they go to a house owned by Kaori's relatives, and Kouri states it can be used as they pleased. Kouru and his girlfriend perform very erotic sex acts in the kitchen, while Rena and Yukiteru are sat in another room, are visibly disturbed by the extent of erotic noises and voices, especially for Kouru's age. Kaori encourages Yuno to come out with her and get something (unknown), so that Rena and Yukiteru can have sex. The girls head off, but soon the rain sets in, so Yuno runs back to get an umbrella, to Kaori's panic that Yuno may catch Yukiteru and Rena. Fortunately for them (Yukiteru, Rena, and Kaori), Yukiteru dresses quickly enough to hand Yuno an umbrella, while Rena hides still naked. Yuno doesn't suspect a thing, and Yukiteru heads out with Kaori and Yuno.

At night, Yukiteru sleeps with Yuno on one side and Rena on the other. Kaoru and his girlfriend are sleeping together. Rena wakes up and again persuades Yukiteru into mutual masturbation, eventually Yukiteru ejaculates "inside" Rena. Afterwards, these two fall asleep, but Yuno wakes up and realizes what they did. In response she goes into the kitchen to get a big, sharp knife. Yukiteru wakes up to find a psychotically threatening Yuno. Rena also wakes up and panics, trying to calm Yuno down, but Yuno threatens to kill her if she talks. Yukiteru has a childhood flashback, when Yuno wrote her name on everything she owns, including Yukiteru, to indicate he belongs to her. At the incident, Yuno attempts to use the knife to carve her name on Yukiteru and Yukiteru's name on her, but after one excruciating slice across Yukiteru's chest, splashing blood everywhere, she is hit unconscious by Kaori. They (Yukiteru, Rena, Kaori) clean the mess and themselves up and change Yuno's pajamas while she is temporarily unconscious. When she awakes, she tells Yukiteru she had a "horrible dream" (she thinks the incident was a dream, not remembering it was real). Yukiteru considers to treat it as a dream too, to spare Yuno's feelings.

As always, Yukiteru is feeling torn and guilty. He doesn't want to upset Yuno, but he still has feelings for Rena, despite the horrifying incident. Yukiteru and Rena go as far as kissing each other in the sea near Yumeno's relatives home when Yuno is not around, with Yukiteru in pain due to the salty water seeping in his wound. The summer ends here and everyone heads back to school.

New termEdit

For the first time Yomi is shown having an affair with another married man, and decides to split her relation with him after he attempts to text his wife to say he is leaving her. Yukiteru is seen at home struggling to bandage himself up, when Yomi suddenly comes in, and helps him. Yukiteru states it was his own fault. Rena skips school to talk with Yomi, telling Yomi it was her fault Yukiteru was hurt. In turn - Yomi tells Rena about her secret affairs, to Rena's surprise. When Yomi asks, Rena declares she will not leave Yukiteru because she likes him too much, even if he gets hurt again. Yukiteru separately comes across Yomi after school in town while looking for a book, and they go to a tea shop and talk there, with Yukiteru exposing his dismay about how he has messed his relationships up.

SF clubEdit

Things only become worse as he encounters more girls from school. In particular, he encounters Alice Asagiri who apparently runs a "sci-fi" club, deliberately abbreviated "SF", but actually it means "sex-freinds". Alice tries to justify to Yukiteru that sex is OK if two people can agree on it: they have sex because they want to, nothing more. Yukiteru ponders on this thought, that he has a "phony relation" with Rena, in contrast to his "real relation" with Yuno. Rena finds Yukiteru and takes him into the school's sports storage room, they kiss and have sex on a pile of crash mats. Yukiteru still thinks about his "phony relation" with Rena.

Meanwhile, Yuno becomes worried about Yukiteru as he begins to skip class more and more regularly. Yukiteru goes to the SF club to tell Alice that he has someone and does not want to upset her, for the first time firmly and with confidence, but this is not long-lasting. Another girl, Haume Reona (initially dubbed "A-San" at the SF club) who had skipped class is also there. The two girls talk Yukiteru into giving in, using seduction to arouse him and blank his mind, before tying his arms to the hidden bed. They form a threesome with Alice on top of Yukiteru's face and Haume on top of Yukiteru's hips. Yukiteru knows it is wrong, but couldn't resist penetrating Haume and performing cunnilingus on Alice. After they finish and leave, Rena shows up at the empty SF club room, and finds the hidden bed, suspecting what Yukiteru was up to...

Rena's birthdayEdit

Rena has a flashback of an event in her childhood, involving her and her biological father, and wakes up suddenly in her room of an apartment block. Yukiteru is out looking for a present for Rena's birthday, and he buys a teddy bear, in the process realizing he doesn't know much about Rena. Yuno almost catches him setting off to visit Rena, but he defends himself by saying he will visit another friend. Rena likes the present Yukiteru gave, and places it next to a larger bear on the sofa, saying they resemble a father and daughter. She reveals she has an electra complex (attracted to men that remind her of her father), and that her father cheated so both her parents remarried and each had their own kids, so Rena was left abandoned and lived alone.

When the conversation closes, they have sex on the living room sofa. Rena left her knickers on the floor next to the sofa during the intercourse. When Yuno visits Rena to give her a present, Yuno is surprised to find Yukiteru there. Yukiteru panics but quickly defends himself by saying Rena asked him to visit because she knew Yuno would visit as well. Yuno is a little disappointed since her arrival is not a surprise, but still enters and enthusiastically gives Rena exactly the same present as Yukiteru, to both Rena's and Yukiteru's surprise. Yuno asks who gave the other small bear suspecting it may be Yukiteru, although Rena defends him by saying she bought it herself and that Yukiteru did not initially know it was her birthday.

Yukiteru and Yuno talk together while Rena enters the kitchen, eventually ending with Yuno having a nap. Yukiteru secretly picked up Rena's knickers off the floor and hid them in his pocket while they were talking so they wouldn't be caught. In the kitchen, Rena tells Yukiteru to use his "silver tongue" to "clean up her vagina" (cunnilingus) underneath her dress, while Yuno is napping. He does, and they almost get caught by Yuno, but she is too tired to notice. Later, Yuno wakes up, and while Yukiteru walks home with Yuno, Rena takes the bear Yuno gave and tears it...

Yukiteru is later caught by Kaori to "hang out" with her, only to have vigorous sex at her home.

SF club continuedEdit

In a flashback, Alice is shown to have sex with a dark-skinned boy with light-colored hair, called Rabi, in Alice's country. He was found out by Alice's father, who were infuriated with her considering Rabi a "subhuman". Rabi was scolded by Alice's father for his engagement and affair with Alice, and abandoned himself in the street, thinking he would be a burden for Alice, and subsequently died of the freezing cold and hunger. All the while, Alice set herself into recluse in her room, but at some point went out to look for Rabi, only to find him dead. She returns home infuriated at her father who couldn't care less, and the dialogue explodes into another argument. Is revealed that Alice moved to Japan after his death and her parents divorced.

Back in the story, Yukiteru is once again skipping class on a roof, and caught out by Alice. Yukiteru, remembering his last encounter with her, panics and runs off telling her he has someone he likes. During this meeting, Alice asks for the first time what his name is, since Yukiteru has not told her before. In class, Rena, Yukiteru, and Yuno are together, and Yuno bumps into Alice for the first time, and becomes suspicious of Yukiteru having a relation with her. Alice stresses out Yukiteru to no end, by talking about her previous encounters with him in a vague and distorted truth; that she came after Yukiteru and was rejected, and that he has an apparent interest in sci-fi (which he does not) so makes an offer for him to join the SF club. Yuno does not know about the club activities, and enthusiastically prompts Yukiteru to join instead of being a "stay-at-home" kid. All the while, Rena just listens in the background without saying a word. Later that day, Yukiteru and Alice go to the SF club room for the real activities. Yukiteru laments Alice for lying, but Alice dismisses that and hints how she knows Yukiteru really likes Rena instead of Yuno, which freaks Yukiteru out since now Alice can blackmail him into the club or else she will tell Yuno about his cheating on Rena.

Alice next takes Yukiteru to Kaori's relatives home, to find Haume with a new group of highly lierotic characters involved with Alice's SF club: two boys called Usui Aruto and Nabatame Shion, and two girls called Miyuki Seles and Meiku Ayame.

With sheets on the floor, the SF activities begin. Seles receives mouthloads of semen by fellating Yukiteru while he stands up, then he has penetrative sex with her on the floor. Aruto has sex with Reona, similarly Shion has sex with Meiku. Alice wears a transparent apron (presumably to prevent semen splattering on her), and films them with a camera all having sex the same room. They rotate partners: every boy has sex with every other girl. Afterwards, they clean up and rest in the living room.

Kaori turns up and greets everyone, telling she doesn't only belong to Yukiteru, which irritates him. She has sex with Aruto, who as usual prematurely ejaculates, and Shion impatiently quickly joins in, with Aruto standing, Kaori sitting and fellating Aruto, and Shion penetrating Kaori in "doggy style". On Seles offer, Yukiteru exhaustively has sex with all the free girls. In the late evening, Alice suggests to a worn out Yukiteru if he wants to join Shion, Aruto, and Kaori in the bathtub, he turns it down and steps out to the balcony to think. When Kaori and the others have finished, she comes to the balcony to talk to Yukiteru, and they continue walking and talking through the nearby woodland. In the process, Kaori states she once had a boyfriend, and also met Alice who invited Kaori into the SF club. At some point Alice told Kaori's boyfriend about Kaori's cheating, so he split from her, and Kaori concluded the flashbacks by saying she is a free girl that can have sex with anyone if she doesn't have a boyfriend. Down a flight of stairs leading onto a path, they find an infuriated Rena, screaming and breaking down at Yukiteru. She reveals how she found out about the SF club, by sneaking in the club room and listening to sexual noises behind the curtain, and how angry she was with Yukitueru and the girls for doing this, but also states her belief in Yukiteru that he will always return to her. Yukiteru is taken aback by her fury, but gets over it quickly and agrees with Rena upon Kaori's prompt. Alice is nearby, appearing as a silhouette.

Alice, Rena, Kaori and Yukiteru all go back to Kaori's relatives home to talk in the living room (this last segment is shown later in one of Yukiteru's flashbacks). Alice agrees to let Yukiteru leave the club forever on the condition that Yukiteru breaks up with Yuno and continues his relationship with Rena.

Yukiteru's transition from Yuno to RenaEdit

When Yukiteru returns to Yuno's home, he meets her just outside the entrance, wearing only knickers and an open shirt to reveal her breasts (to indicate what's coming later), and they cuddle and talk. Some older women see them and natter in the background. Later that day, Yukiteru finally decides to tell Yuno the truth about how he really feels about Rena too little too late and proceeds to Yuno's room. First they see each other, with Yuno completely nude and wet, begging for Yukiteru, and he's without trousers but his underwear and shirt still on (to cover up the past knife wound on his chest by Yuno, and prevent upsetting her). Yuno stimulates the erection of Yukiteru's penis through his underwear, then pulls them down to perform fellatio on Yukiteru. Next they get on Yuno's bed and are just about to have penetrative sex even telling Yukiteru that it's not her safe day because she really wants Yukiteru's kid. Yukiteru stops to tell Yuno that he's made his choice with Rena, that he never loved Yuno. He takes off his shirt, showing Yuno the scar, telling her the dream has ended a while ago. Yuno is horrified to realize her previous horrible "dream" was actually real. In shock and despair she screams, ending the event.

At this point, Yukiteru has moved out of Yuno's home and into Rena's home, and has distanced himself from Yuno.

Rena has a flashback when she was little with her father, the latter asking her "why do people keep on living?". At the time she didn't understand, but now she has a partial answer: to be with Yukiteru.

Yukiteru and Rena are shown in bed at Rena's home, with Rena comforting a waking Yukiteru, then suddenly Yomi and Nagi come to visit. They talk with Yomi again while Nagi sits with Rena. Yomi informs them about Yuno's psychological and physical conditions, that she procrastinates school, has lost her appetite, and is generally withdrawn and quiet, nevertheless reassuring Yukiteru that he needn't worry about Yuno since Yomi will support her sister. When Yomi and Nagi leave, Yomi tells them to make the most of their relationship, before heading home. Yukiteru and Rena return to bed for sex more passionate than ever, since Yukiteru is no longer with Yuno.

Around this time the autumn ends and winter begins, and the weather is snowy. Yuno is out in town in a summer dress and catches a chill. She notices a Christmas tree, and it's close to the festive season. She asks herself about what she really wants for a Christmas present: a present from Yukiteru no matter how small or insignificant, or Yukiteru to simply be with her again, or nothing at all...

Old flame Edit

In town, Yukiteru and Etou happen to rediscover each other after many years, and Etou breaks down. They go to a cafe to catch up with each other, subsequently to a hotel in town to have sex, and return back outside where they met to say bye before moving on. Meanwhile, Kaori is at school at the SF club, most likely having an argument with Alice over Yukiteru's involvement.

Yandere Yuno Edit

Back in town, a new character is introduced; an unknown man comes along and covers Yuno up with a coat, and walks her to a hotel to warm up. Some girls in town from Yuno's school see her, and the gossip spreads to school, eventually involving Rena in the talk. At the hotel Yuno and the man have mild foreplay, where it is revealed he is thickly muscular and hairy. As he inserts his penis into Yuno, she remembers her times with Yukiteru, then loses control. She whacks him over the head with the table lamp and pushes him to the floor, then steps on his penis and testicles. It isn't explicitly shown what happens to him after, but Yuno likely seriously injures or kills the man. Again, Yukiteru and Seles have sex. Rena is at her home waiting for Yukiteru, who comes back eventually. Next morning he goes back to the SF club again with Seles for more sex with her. Rena skips school again to talk with Yomi somewhere in town.

Subsequently, Rena and Yukiteru are walking along a path that connects to the school, and kiss, only to be caught out by Yuno from behind. Rena and Yukiteru panic because of Yuno's initially sudden menacing appearance, but she surprises them again by being abruptly friendly and playful, because she now understands Yukiteru likes Rena more, and knows they have had sex anyway.

Yukiteru continues to observe Yuno from a distance. He meets Kouri again, and they go to her room to what Yukiteru initially thinks will be immediate sex, but is taken aback when she beats and tells Yukiteru off, due to his involvement with the SF club and recent negligence of her. Then they have intense penetrative sex in Kouri's bed.

Later at school in a corridor, Yuno and Yukiteru meet and talk for a while, with Yuno hiding a baseball bat behind her. When Yukiteru turns around and begins to walk away, she twists around and whacks Yukiteru with full force. After school it is pouring with rain, and in the empty school swimming pool, Yuno ties up Yukiteru half-naked, only to beat and rape him. Rena is at home, wondering why Yukiteru is so late. She goes out to find him, encounters Yuno on the way and suspects what may have happened, only to find a traumatized and beaten Yukiteru. The pool was likely chosen since the event would also disturb Rena, as her hobby is swimming.

New year Edit

Rena and Yukiteru go to a local shrine to celebrate New Year. They both get their fortunes checked, Yukiteru's reads something negative, so Rena eats the paper and tells Yukiteru to be more optimistic. Alice and Seles notice them and say hello, and they all go to a cafe to talk. The conversation is likely about the SF Club, but it decays into an argument so they leave, with Alice alone looking unhappy.

Rena and Yukiteru are once again shown to have sex. Alice, in her mansion, is going through SD drives of the SF Club activities on her laptop, and does something with them (either deletes them, or uploads them somewhere, or sends them to someone). She then jumps from the roof of a tall building in town to commit suicide. Next morning, Rena runs up to a waking Yukiteru about the suicide of their former classmate. Meanwhile, Aruto, Meiku, Shion, and Seles are discussing what to do next. Seles and Aruto look particularly worried, suggesting things will get out of control if the films are found...

Yukiteru is walking through the streets and thinking about the previous night (passionate sex), and travels from a train to a park. Sat on a bench, Etou happens to pass by and she sits and listens to his troubles, eventually Yukiteru holds Etou's hand and they kiss. Again at a hotel, they have sex in the 69 position, with Etou on top performing fellatio on Yukiteru, and Yukiteru performing cunnilingus on Etou.

Kaori is shown for the last time, talking with Rena under the train bridge near the school, and when Rena departs, Kaori throws her lolly pop into the nearby lake, symbolically suggesting something...

Dead end Edit

The next scene introduces two new characters, a killer and his victim soaked in blood in an alley at night. The victim looks similar to Aruto, but could be someone else entirely. Seles is shown in her room, hair down, and appears beaten. The killer likely has some relation to Seles one way or another (e.g. ex-boyfriend), and is killing anyone that engages with her. He probably knows who to kill from Alice's SF videos.

The penultimate segment shows Yukiteru and Rena in the latter's apartment, living a normal and happy life together (possibly a few years in the future, when they are now in their final teen years or early twenties, since they look older). One day, Rena is doing the laundry, and Yukiteru heads out to the train station. There, the killer sneaks behind Yukiteru and when they are near the edge of the platform, he pushes Yukiteru onto the track so he is hit by an oncoming train. While Yukiteru is out, Rena received a call from Yomi, who reports some warning from the TV. Rena is suddenly frightened and instantly runs out to the station. She is fractions of a moment too late, and just catches a glimpse of Yukiteru before his death. The killer is arrested by the station police, and another reference to Seles and Alice is made.

Finally, a year later, Rena is shown with her baby son, first at home, then walking out in the street with her child in a pram. Yuno appears in front, who also has a pram with a child, and with longer hair at the back and sides. The two rival mothers pause then pass without talking, ending the story...

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