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This is a wiki on the manga called Uwakoi (also called うわこい, 浮恋, Uwa Koi, Uwa-koi) by Itosugi Masahiro (糸杉柾宏 ), author of numerous erotic manga, including the completed Oneechan no Onegai (お姉ちゃんのお願い, 姐姐的愿望, A Wish Of My Sister), Aki Sora (あきそら), and others, as well as ongoing Fragile (フラジール), All I Need (オールアイニード), and her latest XH (~クロスエッチ~, cross H), all with similar character artwork.

On the sites which host manga, comments can be made. It appears there is no satisfactory site for describing this manga in a neutral, informative way. This site is intended to fill that gap. On Wikipedia, it would unlikely be accepted, so why not just have a Wikia?

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Some minor points to look out for if you are unfamiliar with Japanese manga:

  • The Japanese use their family names first then their actual names. In these articles please use the first name family name for familiarity.
  • Remember: honorifics like "san", "kun", "chan", "senpai", etc., do not count as names!

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