Yomi ch 7 p 6

Yomi, chapter 7, p.6

Yomi Kirishima (first name second name), in Japanese 桐嶋ヨミ (Kirishima Yomi), is a character in the manga Uwakoi. She first appears in chapter 4.


Yomi is a friendly, optimistic, and level-headed person. She is also warped, in the sense she has had sex with numerous (unnammed) married men without any of their wives knowing. However, she doesn't like to break their marrages, and so when any one of them tell's Yomi they intend to leave their wife, Yomi quits her private relation with that man and permanently departs, only to go onto another man.

She appears very soft, approachable, and understanding to Yukiteru and Rena, and informs them about Yuno's "scary" personality, and talks to them about private sex-life relations. Even though Yuno is her sister, she allows the private affairs between Yukiteru and Rena. She is one of the main characters explicitly posing the question of happiness in a relation between people.


Yomi is very slender, average-height young woman, with long hair brushed downwards and dark eyes, often seen in a long apron.

Hobbies and interestsEdit

Currently unknown. Her occupations (work, college, etc.) are also unknown: most of the time she is seen at home, or shopping walking in town.


She has two younger sisters, Yuno who is a teenager, and a much younger one Nagi, who is a young child.

Her mother (name unknown) is said to have a night shift and is home in the day.

Her father (name unknown) presumably works in the day and is home in the evenings.

They have a pet cat: Tarutaru.